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Key Team Members


Team Members

Core Team Member - Training & Development
Divya Prasad, a post-graduate in Child Development from M.G university and also has a Diploma in Special Education (Autism). She worked at Educomp Solutions Pvt. Ltd. She has been in education field for over a decade. During these years she has conducted teacher training program for experienced and aspiring teachers to empower them to carry on the learning, developed curriculum for pre-schools, audited the curriculum delivery, set –up preschools across Karnataka, Kerala and TamilNadu. She believes that children with special needs are better equipped to deal with real life if they grew up with other normal children in an environment where each child is treated in same manner and society in general are sensitised to respect such children. She conducts workshop and orientation program voluntarily and on invite. She conducts yoga programs for all age groups. She believes yoga and meditation can help children in overall development of keeping oneself calm and confident.
Core Team Member - Training & Development

Priyanka Bhawar, a Post Graduate in Education and Management with more than a decade of experience in Human resourse management, Handling preschool operations, Training teachers.
Her forte lies in people management and soft skills training. She has been working in education management industry. She demonstrates strong deducation towards making a difference into education industry through her experience in professional skilled development training in communication,strategic planning,classroom management, and people management.

Strategic Partner - Chennai

Abirami Vivek, a post graduate in Management (Marketing and Human resources), a Child psychologist. She is a mother of 2 angels. She has over a decade of experience in the corporate world. In 2009 she became the first franchise of Educomp solutions in Chennai and in 2017 she founded Magnet Minds Preschool and Daycare, the first preschool to effectively explore the Frobel’s methodology using the Frobel’s gifts. Magnet Minds Preschool has been awarded as the best and top preschool by Education world commissioned by c-Fore survey for 8 consecutive years, 5 consecutive years by, 5 years by Brainfeed magazine.
She is also the recipient of the award “Leaders – the pillars of education” from
She is a recipient of the award “Exceptional women of Excellence” presented at Women Economic Forum 2019 in New Delhi.
She is a recipient of the award “Top 50 Effective Principals of India 2019” by in Mumbai – 2019.
She has over a decade of experience in early child education, understanding the needs of the children and nurtures them appropriately. She is also a trained in arts, music and dance.
She excels in happy parenting skills, counseling the parents to handle the kids effectively. She has keen interest in special needs children, and helps the parents of such children to understand and accept them as they are. She also analyses the children and guide them nurturing in the right way. She has helped many parents with special needs children to handle them efficiently.
She also excels in behavioral psychology, relationship counseling.
Abirami also does consulting for women entrepreneurs in setting up general business, guiding people to set up preschools and day care centres.
Abirami is a staunch believer of our customs and traditions, so she approaches the learning methodology with a touch of our tradition with her school children.
Like any women who shuttles between home and work, Abirami does too but takes in a higher spirit and inspires many other woman to enrich their life.
She has been recently appointed as the Vice Chair for ALL – All Ladies League – Tamilnadu Chapter